Create Your own world!

Craftserve is service which gathers players and provides Minecraft servers hosting. Every server is an unique, personal world composed of friends, theirs' structures and ordinary challanges.

Your community

We do our best to keep Your server flourishing. Simple configuration and lack of troubles gives You opportunity to spend Your free time playing game instead of configuring server. Players can communicate using Mumble voice server - free Mumble is principal place where new ideas and connections are being created.

Simple access

Banalny dostęp do serwerów

You don't need to remember lot of numbers to connect to server - our innovative domains solve this inconvenience. You and Your friends can connect to server using simple address, for example:

User-friendly control panel

Our priority is to give opportunity of possessing own Minecraft multiplayer world to as many people as possible. Every basic setting is possible to configure with one click in control panel - You don't have to go into complicated configuration files. We take care Your server is working correctly.

Awesome efficiency

Every server uses newest Intel CPUs, very fast SSD disks and enormous RAM space. We assing 100MB RAM per one slot - it's twice more than average Minecraft Hosting. Every server is completly separated, it has it's own inviolable resources (CPU, RAM, disk space and network) - You don't need to worry that someone will interrupt efficiency of your server.


If You run public server You will not worry about it's cost of living. Your players can easily buy items and ranks - by playing on server they pay your server. Itemshops are completly automatic and support PayPal. Configuration of your shop takes just few minutes. It just pays off!

Plugin manager

Installation and updating your plugins takes just few mouse clicks. You don't need to arduously look for plugins on the internet or check their current versions, commands and permissions. You must watch the video in which we install 4 plugins in one minute! It's really simple!

5000 servers and growing

We already host thousands of Minecraft servers and every day many of customers starts to use our service. If You are not sure of quality of our services You can ask our support and receive free testing code! We recommends to like our Facebook fanpage where we share with some news and information from Minecraft world.